Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Children’ Medical Center brings Telehealth Care to Schools

******Permission form can be found on the DISD web site, under parent information**********
******* pick up the permission form at the office, or call the campus nurse
  and have the Telehealth information and permission form sent home.

 Telehealth is a computer and video technology. The school nurse can link your child to a health care professional from MyChildren’s. Telehealth can provide care for your child at school, by a doctor or nurse practitioner from MyChildren’s. Telehealth cares for cuts, coughs, colds, fever, ear aches, headaches, pinkeye, rashes. This is a great opportunity to have health care at school for your child.

Protect Our Kids from Cold and Flu Season.
We are right in the midst of cold virus season and Flu season is fast approaching.  Make sure to get your children vaccinated against the Flu before it hits.  Our School Telehealth program is available to help diagnose those symptoms quickly and keep your family away from those long waits in the ER or urgent care centers. Please make sure you have turned in your School Telehealth enrollment forms.  Need another one?  Your school nurse has them. We want all students enrolled in this amazing program!

School Health Program

Managing Head Lice in a School Setting and at Home.